Business & Economics DVDs

When global change management practices first rolled out on the business scene in the 1980s, there was certain attention to how to establish best practices in research and development, commercialization, and reporting.

Competition analysis was at the forefront of business strategy, as company leaders forged new models to meet the challenges of foreign market entry. Backed by the expertise of management gurus, and marketing savants, and industry innovators, business leaders created the conditions for profit.

The entrance of new enterprise technologies and virtualization has expanded the reach of global business exchange. For instance, virtualization has made business process outsourcing possible; improving the bottom-line of companies through cost-cutting services and logistics.

Business economics videos offer insight into the rise of the corporate social responsibility campaign as a levered strategy for profitability. How major companies have used economics, ethics, and partnership with investor, employee, and community stakeholders to build business empires is explored in video.

Business and Economics DVDs offer audiences a video glimpse into the major shifts taking place in the global business environment.

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