Secrets of the Superbrands (3-part series - Enhanced DVD)

Secrets of the Superbrands (3-part series - Enhanced DVD)
No matter which side of the marketer/market distinction you’re on, Secrets of the Superbrands will provide enlightening research on the behaviors of popular brands and their effects on the psychology of the consumer. 
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Everyone has a different level of susceptibility to the marketing ploys of the major brands in an increasingly consumer centered world. Secrets of the Superbrands, however, implies that event those intentionally resistant to the advertising and endorsement tactics, cannot help but be swayed by their marketing efforts. In a three part series, host Alex Riley journeys from the commercial arena where major corporate brands competing for public attention and approval to the science world, where neurologists and psychologists explain why consumers buy, trust and idolize the leading brands. Each episode covers an entire global industry (technology, fashion, and food). Secrets of Superbrands details the tactics of the modern marketing strategies and the respective marketing psychology of today’s consumer. This BBC production features three episodes, 52 minutes each.

Secrets of the Superbrands

  • Enhanced DVD 
  • ISBN: 978-1-62102-133-9 
  • Run Time: 156 Minutes 
  • Copyright Date: 2011 
  • CC

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