Business Studies: Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (Enhanced DVD)

Business Studies: Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (Enhanced DVD)
Anyone can have a brilliant, marketable idea. How do you turn that brilliant idea into a thriving, tangible business? In this video, you'll learn what is required to become a risk-taking entrepreneur, from the inner drive to the full-fledged business plan needed for success. 
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Product Description:

What drives the success of an entrepreneurial figure? In this video, you'll learn what it takes to stay focused and motivated, face challenges, and plan ahead during the volatile road of starting a business. Meet various successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders, including a business owner, a software developer, and a dynamic inventor. These individuals will share their experiences, trials, and lessons learned in order to achieve success. 

What kind of personality traits are common among most entrepreneurs? Characteristics such as honesty, versatility, innovation, passion, and resilience are often the most telling signs of an entrepreneur who won't give up. Entrepreneurs often take risks to seek big rewards, and constantly plan ahead to anticipate difficult challenges. Planning ahead involves creating a sound business plan, which this video will review. The business plan, or the "story" of your business, outlines goals, sales expectations, target consumer audience, financial means, and other areas of analysis. 

Business Studies: Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-60825-238-1
  • Run Time: 37 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2008
  • CC

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