Free-Market Capitalism Is So 20th-Century: A Debate (DVD)

Free-Market Capitalism Is So 20th-Century: A Debate (DVD)
We applaud this effort captured in this DVD, which takes a hard look at free-market capitalism. with a serious debate of its usefulness in improving the world. This DVD of the debate is superb for educators to inspire students to consider the ramifications of free-market capitalism and help them form their own opinions.
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Communism versus socialism versus capitalism. So many "isms" as to be hopelessly confused. This DVD, however, focuses on a specific debate about "free-market" capitalism and its place in the future of the global economy.

In this DVD, Paul Mason declares that supposed "free-market" activities are not at all free. In fact, according to Mason, the results are predetermined and the game is "rigged" by those who hold power. Stephen King chimes in by saying that the enormous tax revenues from bank transactions caused the government regulators to be lax in their investigation of banking procedures and practices in a "free-market." Kim Campbell jumps into the debate by saying that pure capitalism as proposed long ago by Adam Smith, has never actually been implemented. Jean Pisani-Ferry adds the socialist sentiment that markets cannot be held responsible for global balance of economic and social issues so there is a need for governments to participate in regulation of markets. Vince Cable jumps into the discussion by pointing out the idea of institutions that are too big to fail is one of the roots of the problem. These institutions become stronger than the governments of the countries where they are domiciled.

This DVD is provocative and stimulating by capturing the debate about serious issues regarding "free-market" capitalism that affect the global economy, which need intelligent consideration that will effect the formation of future governmental policies.

Free-Market Capitalism Is So 20th-Century: A Debate

  • DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-640-3
  • Run Time: 106 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • No CC
  • Public performance rights included

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