Managing Boundaries (Enhanced DVD)

Managing Boundaries (Enhanced DVD)
Performance Management expert, Psychologist Peter Quarry, guides you through the basics of identifying and managing your personal boundaries. Do you say yes when you'd need to say, no? Do you expect more from people than they are willing to give? This DVD can equip you with the tools to build your "personal fence" and set it in the right place.  Learn how to communicate better and improve relationships by increased awareness of effective understanding of others physical, emotional, intimate, or social boundaries.
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Product Description:
Many people have difficulty developing healthy personal boundaries. Because of the free-minded nature of artists, this can be especially true. Artists are drawn to peace and unity, and often allow people to cross their personal boundaries to achieve these goals. Likewise, in the work place, drawing boundaries take on a whole new challenge. When bosses and co-workers exhibit inappropriate workplace discussions and behaviors, what is the best way to strengthen the environment to that you can have a comfortable workplace? Psychologist Peter Quarry discusses some of the top areas that can threaten personal and professional boundaries. This short and empowering DVD will cover the following topics and provide practical support to develop healthy boundaries:

Topics covered:

  • Boundaries and Personal Space
  • Boundary Weakness
  • Boundary Awareness
  • Boundaries and Ethics
  • Boundary Rigidity
  • Team Boundaries
Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your character and improve your relationships. Make in investment in yourself by learning effective techniques to managing boundaries. 

Managing Boundaries
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-775-5
  • Run Time: 15 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • CC

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