Ethical Textiles: Sustainability and Fair Trade (3-part series - Enhanced DVD)

Ethical Textiles: Sustainability and Fair Trade (3-part series - Enhanced DVD)
This 3-part series delves into the environmental and ethical impact of large scale manufacturing of textiles for Western markets through case studies in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. 
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Product Description:

What is the impact of the rising demand for textiles and cloth throughout the world? Does the demand impact the workers who create these textiles? Through case studies in the UK and Bangladesh this 3-part series strives to answer these questions. Bangladesh is one of the most active and important textile producers in the world. Through this program viewers explore the benefits and downfalls of the textile industry in Bangladesh. This includes examining factory working conditions, with unprecedented footage from inside Bangladeshi factories, and looking at labor issues in the country including sweatshop conditions, fair wages, and unionization. The question arises, where does the responsibility for ensuring ethical treatment of workers and improving standards in country lie. Comparisons of large scale textile production and small, community fair trade initiatives are made as well. Other parts of the series look at other ecological issues in textile production. Through a study of eco-friendly surf-wear company Finisterre, a United Kingdom based company, issues such as carbon emissions, waste disposal, and energy consumption are explored. The company's eco-centered solutions to lessen their carbon footprint are examined and tested for efficacy. Ecological issues are also investigated, from the impact of pollution on poor communities downstream from the textile factories to proper waste disposal and effect on the ecosystems surrounding the factories. Also showcased are the industry's attempts to counteract this damage such as water recycling plants and managing chemicals and wastes in a more ecologically friendly and responsible manner.  

Length: 75 minutes

Item#: BVL48262

ISBN: 978-1-62102-670-9

Copyright date: ©2011

 Closed Captioned

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