The Hunt for Black Gold: Oil in the 21st Century (Enhanced DVD)

The Hunt for Black Gold: Oil in the 21st Century (Enhanced DVD)
Black gold. The world thrives on the availability of petroleum resources. This enhanced DVD chronicles how many millions are spent in the difficult hunt for the diminishing resource of oil in the 21st Century.
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The coverage in this documentary film starts in Alaska. Billions of barrels of crude oil have been discovered there, Yet, even adding billions of barrels each year to the world oil supply does nothing to take the world back to the time before "peak oil." Peak oil is the moment in time, when world demand for oil exceeds supply and will continue to exceed supply forever into the future. The oil industry debates when the moment of "peak oil" will occur.  Nevertheless, scientists of great reputation clearly state the world has already passed the period of peak oil.

From now on, oil gets more costly as it gets more rare.  Now take a step back and look at the distribution systems. This documentary film reveals that one company called Texaco Conoco (after a merger) controls 100% of all natural gas distributed in the north western part of the United States. This particular company has zero competition in the area of delivering natural gas to the Pacific Northwest. No new refineries have been permitted since the 1970's.

The massive majority of the world's oil supply is controlled by only four countries which are:

Saudi Arabia - The kingpin of oil with its tyrannical state of oppression over its people and its promotion of Wasabi culture, based Islamic fundamental terrorism in the countries like the UK and the USA, which are its biggest customers.

Russia - Under Putin we all wish for the lighter more happier times under Stalin. Putin is gaining power because he nationalized the Russian oil reserves to put them under his direct control.

Iran - Iran sees the U.S. across the border in Iraq, as having invaded a country that never attacked the U.S. directly. In fact, Saddam Hussien was a puppet dictator supported by U.S. interests until his oil become more valuable than he was.

Venezuela - With President Chavez basically telling America to stay out of his affairs, he shows that his oil reserves give him bravado.

These topics are not easy easy to define or describe that are explored in this enhanced DVD. Everyone who views it has a different opinion, but one thing that is 100% certain is there continues to be the hunt for black gold in the 21st century.

The Hunt for Black Gold: Oil in the 21st Century

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-467-6
  • Run Time: 45 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2008
  • CC
  • Public performance rights included

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