Moyers & Company: America's "Sacrifice Zones" (Enhanced DVD)

Moyers & Company: America's "Sacrifice Zones" (Enhanced DVD)
Corporate plundering, says Hedges, was the finger that pulled the trigger. The end result is that communities like Camden, New Jersey and Immokalee, Florida all but disintegrated in the interest of profit under corporate oligarchies.
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When Detroit went bankrupt, the hallowed-out metropolis was classified as a state of emergency. The crisis that led to capital flight from the city that once an auto manufacturing giant, was turned into a ghost town where crime, corruption, and destitution would have far reaching effects into the future. Revitalization of Motor City was not easy. In fact, the city is still undergoing an intensive and oft painful process of redevelopment. While municipal bond sales by Detroit’s government have softened the blow, the way back has been long.

In America's "Sacrifice Zones” (2012) Bill Moyers and Journalist Chris Hedges investigate communities left in economic despair. Like Detroit, and often even more forgotten, there are cities throughout the country where the cycle of poverty is seemingly endless. Trapped by unemployment, and low or no access to education, business finance, credit, or technologies, both rural and urban communities are suffering from a range of economic factors leading to powerlessness rather than profit.

Where despair is the only future possibility,  little can be done form the inside out. Advocates for the poor argue that much of what happened in Detroit and other cities like it is the direct result of capitalism gone awry. Moreover, once greed wins over the common good, building capacity back into communities can be extremely difficult. Investment continues to be the basis for revitalizing cities. Without capital, there is little that can be done on a grand scale.

Moyers & Company: America's "Sacrifice Zones"
  • DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-62290-611-6
  • Run Time (56 Minutes)
  • Copyright 2012
  • Closed Captioned (CC)

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