Disease Branding: Selling Sickness to the Public (Enhanced DVD)

Disease Branding: Selling Sickness to the Public (Enhanced DVD)
We create new drugs to treat diseases, it's true; but do we also create new diseases--or medicalize normal biological processes, like menopause--in order to sell more prescription drugs? 
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Are all the drugs we take today medically necessary?  Not so long ago, no one worried about cholesterol; today it's seen as a huge health problem and statin-reducers are some of the most widely prescribed drugs on the market.  The question is: which came first, problem or the solution?  Was it really a problem, or did Big Pharma see cholesterol as a means to make mega-profits? 

This film, part of the larger "Underhand Tactics: Investigating Corporate Culture" series, looks at the practice of "disease branding."  Disease branding heavily influences the public, and while in some cases this can be positive ("incontinence" becomes the much more acceptable "overactive bladder", for example), for the most part it plays on fear and can lead people to take drugs with potentially harmful side effects.  A standard sales tactic, whatever the business in question, is to first create the problem, then sell the customer the solution.  Is this what Big Pharma is doing?  (55 minutes)

Disease Branding: Selling Sickness to the Public
Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-964-0
  • Run Time: 56 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012
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