The Russian Gamble: Risky Business in the Land of Putin (Enhanced DVD)

The Russian Gamble: Risky Business in the Land of Putin (Enhanced DVD)
What goes up, also comes down. In this enhanced DVD, the financial meltdown in the U.S. financial markets is compared to the collapse of the Russian ruble under Putin.
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Escalating metal and oil prices made US$ billionaires in Russia, only to see the nationalization land grab by President Putin and his cronies that followed. Alas, they grabbed everything a bit too late as the value of the ruble plummeted. What good is stealing all the resources, when suddenly thereafter none of the loans can be repaid?

Putin is learning a hard lesson, be it as a mafia boss, or trying to control the mafia bosses, either way Russia goes down from greed, corruption, and western investors' views of an extremely unstable state. There is a genuine fear of collapse of the Russian government explored in this documentary film.

To prove its strength, Russia attacked Georgia and then Crimea.  At home, the Russians cheered Putin, abroad they feared him, but this fear was tapered by the growing realization that Putin's days are numbered. No meglomaniacal person is able to hold on to a culture, which is ripping apart at its seams. Hitler tired, failed. Mao tried, failed. Stalin, tries now and fails.

It is not an easy thing to get a handle on the power of the oligarchs in Russia and to reign them in, to central party confirmation and support. Putin only seems to gain advantage by being excessively brutal.

In reality, the former Soviet Union is a very broken form of its former self. There is little unity among the various sanctions, and no real reason for all of them to rally behind any particular leader. The current situation, as expressed in this video, is that the country of Russia is experiencing a kind of disruption from inside, a civil war, and the end is nowhere to be seen.

Russia continues to make its best effort to join the global society, by inviting international franchise operators such as Wal-mart to invest in the country of Russia. However, any fool can see this is like mixing sharks with snakes.  Someone will get eaten and many will die in the process. This enhanced DVD is not for the faint of heart, because it delves into very serious issues about what is going on in Russia and what effect all the greedy government manipulations are having on regular people.

The Russian Gamble: Risky Business in the Land of Putin

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-470-6
  • Run Time: 43 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2008
  • CC
  • Public performance right included

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