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Many children love to express themselves through art. Whether they're looking for an after school hobby or want to create their very own masterpiece, Madison Kids has something for everyone. The selection of children's art supplies include items like easels, washable markers, watercolor paints, finger paints, chalk, scratch art paper and glitter glues. These products provide children with everything they need to create art through a variety of mediums. Art furniture like the BEKA Magnet Board and GUIDECRAFT Art Table & Chair Set take it one step further and make it simple for kids to organize their projects. There are also creative toys like wooden blocks, a chemistry kit and rocket kit to encourage learning if a fun way. Any one of these affordable art supplies can accommodate the interests of almost any child and provide them with hours of entertainment. They are also perfectly sized for children to work comfortably on their projects.

The Madison Art Shop's children's art supplies foster creativity and an early love of art. Order yours now.

Children's Art Supplies "MADISON KIDS"

Q - What kids' art supplies do you believe are the most exciting for parents to look at?

A - As a parent myself, I am looking for a) to encourage my children's creativity.
But to be honest, I also want b) my child to be kept busy and c) to enjoy it!

We have found most parents looking for children’s easels, watercolors, drawing projectors and light boxes and drawing sets. Children always enjoy this as after-school activities in the kitchen near their mothers.

The Alex Toys' draw like a pro has proven to keep children thrilled for countless hours!

Many of the manufactures from which we purchase children's art supplies also sell other "toys." we started carrying many of these other toys and found that our customers buy them too. Perhaps, while they are picking up some of their own art supplies, they throw in a toy for the kids to keep them occupied while they paint! We have great prices too!


Childrens Art Supplies

Among our select Kids Art Supplies & Children's Easel collection, we have a fantastic selection of Childrens Art Supplies. Inspire the aspiring artist with tools that compel them to create masterpieces. Childrens Easels are age-inspired and just the right size for your young ones and our Kids Art supplies provide hours of entertainment.

Children's art is way more than just paint-by-numbers. A child's creativity is endless and can be fostered through a variety of media. Consider the child prodigy, George Pocheptsov, who sold his first painting at the age of three, and at the age of eight sold a painting for $20,000. At any age, the proper motivation is important to nurture creativity.
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