7 Key Sales Skills (Enhanced DVD)

7 Key Sales Skills (Enhanced DVD)
Viewers learn how to 'close the deal' by way of new business sales techniques.
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Product Description:
Viewers can enhance their own sales strategies with new tactics with the innovative recommendations made in this candid and entertaining video.  

The 7 Key Sales Skills

1. Qualify Leads

To qualify leads more expediently, pipeline of sales goals accompanied by a short-list of criteria for prospecting.

2. Motivating Prospects

Once the right prospects are located, the best sales professionals redirect their energy toward problem solving solutions as part of the pitch to potential customers. New prospects generally require that the relationship is a value added proposition.

3. Niché Selling

Some product segments demand more attention than others. Niché markets require focus on the unique characteristics of the customer segment simultaneously.

4. Social Marketing Communications

Establish a direct relationship with customers, fielding feedback and answering questions in social media. Promote product and special events to prospects, and convert extended networks into loyal customers.

5. Prospecting Presentations

Face-to-face selling can be confusing for potential customers. Merely telling them a product is wonderful is often not sufficient to close. Multimedia presentations capture the attention of captive audiences, and create an onsite interactive format for prospects to inquire about the benefits of a product or service.

6. Commitment rather than Closing

If closing is difficult, gaining commitment is sometimes easier to attain. Finesse prospects with reflationary terms that suggest an open ended agreement.  Prospects are VIP. Incremental obligation sets up negotiation rather than a “hard sell”.

7. Boost Rapport

The final and most important sales tactic is to boost rapport through pleasurable engagement. Reduce stress and emphasize enjoyment to close the deal.

7 Key Sales Skills
  • DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-62290-923-0
  • Run Time (19 Minutes)
  • Copyright 2007
  • Closed Captioned (CC)

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