The Food Speculator (Enhanced DVD)

The Food Speculator (Enhanced DVD)
Offers a glimpse at how investment and speculation on scarce goods can simultaneously benefit investors while driving up food prices to nearly unaffordable rates. It also offers a glimpse at how speculation and the market operate.
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Product Description:
The protests of "Arab Spring" in Tunisia were spurred partly as a result of surging grain prices that made food staples like bread essentially unaffordable. Images from the protests showed participants attaching police with baguettes for good reason. This documentary allows the director Kees Brouer to act as a food speculator; speculation is a common practice for any publicly traded goods, including wheat. The film looks at how speculation makes costs rise, and when those goods are food, speculation can lead to drastic, negative impacts on the poorest of those relying upon those goods.

This film provides not only a glimpse at how speculation can affect the individuals who get rich off of food scarcity but how it can impact access to commodities. It also provides an insight into supply and demand, futures contracts and commodities investment.

This is an enhanced DVD with English subtitles and has a run time of 46 minutes.
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-221-4
  • Copyright Date: 2012

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