Senegal, Tunisia, and Laos: The Private Sector in Economic Growth (Enhanced DVD)

Senegal, Tunisia, and Laos: The Private Sector in Economic Growth (Enhanced DVD)
This powerful documentary is part of the Sustainable Development: The World Challenge series that explores the successes and difficulties of those trying to spur economic growth in the Developing World.
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Economic growth in the "Third World" is coming one way or another. China’s rapid rise from widespread poverty to global economic power demonstrates that change is possible. Yet, it is obvious that these emerging markets face serious difficulties. One concern is how to succeed while entangled in a global economy led by a few prosperous nations. Second, is how to ensure that growth does not lead to the destruction of natural resources. Poorer nations find themselves in these difficult situations. The documentary visits Senegal, Tunisia and Laos for examples of people trying to move their homelands towards economic modernization..

In Senegal, the film begins with SIMPA, a company that won funding from the French Development Agency to improve it plastics business. This type of venture between an industrialized country and one undergoing the process is one way that regions, such as Africa, are progressing. Yet, the underlying question is in whose best interests are these relationships forged?

A Tunisian hospital is the second subject of the documentary. Its funding came from both public and private money. The result is the type of modern cancer facility once found only in the West.  

Last, viewers get to see the state of the Laotian coffee bean industry. The intricate system set up between those who grow beans and those who sell the finished products is the subject. The French Development Agency attempts to orchestrate a new agreement between the parties to bring a greater share of the profits to those who actually do the manual labor.

Senegal, Tunisia, and Laos: The Private Sector in Economic Growth

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-970-1
  • Run time: 26 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • CC

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