Managing Change in Tough Times (Enhanced DVD)

Managing Change in Tough Times (Enhanced DVD)
The program provides an overview of change management practices to emerge in response to acquisition firm market entry since the first phase of globalization in the 1980s; establishing a baseline for organizational strategy, best practices, risk management, and performance benchmarking of acquired organizations.
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Product Description:
The dynamic of investor behavior in response to fluctuations in market performance exhibits the effect of high exposure of securities to risk. While speculation on high exposure trading is the substance to certain profit during an upswing in trade, the 2008 global financial crisis illustrates that uncertainty has the potential to trigger disaster.

Managing Change in Tough Times (2009) looks at the risks associated with foreign market entry by multinational enterprises. If the 1980s saw exceptional investor returns in response to market performance by companies in response to merger and acquisition of risky competitors in foreign markets, since the turn of the 21st century globalization has redirected attention from expansion to lessons learned. Conflicts and challenges in collaboration with existing stakeholders in acquisition contexts have been perhaps the biggest obstacle for many companies seeking immediate returns.

Thought leadership is the solution say business experts, but what may occur in the interim may also have the potential to destabilize an organization. The program addresses the rise of change management practices in the past 30+ years, offering that crisis is a resource for organizations that ‘think’. 

Scenarios where external forces such as the spread of epidemics, occurrence of natural disaster, terrorism or war reign are given as examples of risk exposure, as Psychologist Peter Quarry investigates change management strategies implemented during tough times. Instructional materials for the film are available for print or download online.  

Managing Change in Tough Times
  • DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-62290-770-0
  • Run Time (12 Minutes)
  • Copyright 2009
  • Closed Captioned (CC)

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