Moyers & Company: What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately? (Enhanced DVD)

Moyers & Company: What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately? (Enhanced DVD)
This enhanced DVD examines the issues with the current economic climate which has people with full-time jobs living in poverty. 
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Product Description:
Capitalism is a wonderful thing that rewards those who have worked the hardest. However, its difficult to classify America's current economic condition as capitalism. In the 1970's, the average corporate CEO earned 25 times as much as the average employee. It has ballooned to 500 times as much as the average employee in 2014. In this edition of Moyer & Company, Bill speaks with economist Richard Wolf to discuss the increasing wealth gap. Wolf is the author of Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism, and he answers questions which were sent in by viewers the world over. Sheila Bair also weighs in and addresses the increasing anger of the public at the lack of appreciation for America's work force. Bair is the former head of the FDIC who opposed the bank bailouts of 2008. She also wrote the book Bull by the Horns: Fighting to Save Main Street from Wall Street and Wall Street from Itself. This 57 minute DVD examines ways to ensure American workers are paid a fair wage in the future.

Moyers & Company: What Has Capitalism Done for Us Lately?
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-720-2
  • Run Time: 57 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2013
  • CC

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