Bill Moyers Journal: Inside the Banking Crisis-An Anthology (Enhanced DVD)

Bill Moyers Journal: Inside the Banking Crisis-An Anthology (Enhanced DVD)
Reading what journalist say about issues that affect you keeps you informed on events.  Reporert Bill Moyer takes reporting to a level that exposes the truth about tells you all about it.  His desire to keep the public informed offers relieving comfort for those confused with the economic meltdown we currently face.
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Moyer specializes in not only asking the tough questions but he invites a fleet of experts in every area to give insight and share with readers and viewers what we currently face and possible solutions for the future.  Bill Moyers' documentary discusses America's financial fall as he shares what we need to know in order to learn from the crisis and begin a productive recovery.

Bill Moyers gives a complete breakdown of America's financial downslide.  His documentary begins with the mortgage crisis and the ugly side of the mounting foreclosures and people losing their homes at top speed.  It exposes corporations use of stockholders expenses and the growth of predatory lending.  If you ever wanted to really know what is going on in America and how it affects you then this documentary is a must see.

His documentary explains the bail out in tis entirety, job fairness, President Obama's economic plan and more.  These are real issues that affect us that we need to know about.  Moyer recognizes that and created a film that delivers answers.  You need to know how America's economic status affects you.  View Bill Moyers' Inside the Banking Crisis and it will give you the answers to your questions and more.

Enhanced DVD

  • ISBN: 978-1-160825-763-8
  • Run Time: 255 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • CC

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