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Getting the right Painting Supplies makes the difference between approximating an artistic vision and executing it effectively. By choosing from among the many acrylic paints, oil paints, casein and watercolors, it is possible to get exactly the pigments that are needed for a particular project. Choosing the right palette to hold those paints is another important way to customize the painting experience. Many painters choose an apron to protect their clothing as they paint, pastels for drawing, a wide assortment of brushes, specialize supplies such as paint sticks, colored pencils, taborets to house painting supplies, easels to make the process easier and projectors to allow for the resizing of a work in seconds. Having a diverse assortment of supplies allows an artist to experiment and decide which ones work best for every type of project.

No matter what type of artistic vision an artist has, that vision isn't enough. The artist must have the right tools to bring it to fruition. With a wide range of Painting Supplies, an artist can create the paintings they envision and bring that creative self-expression into the physical world.

Painting Supplies Oil Paint is arguably the most common medium used in art. Close runner ups are other paints such as the relatively new Acrylic paint and the classical Watercolor.
Madison Art Shop offers an extensive collection of professional painting supplies for artists of any level on any budget. Browse our selection to find acrylic, watercolor, casein, spray and oil painting supplies, along with an exceptional assortment of painting materials including canvases, stretchers, brushes and more by trusted manufacturers. Madison Art Shop is committed to providing you everything you need to paint your masterpieces for low, affordable prices.

Artist Painting Supplies

We would never offer you products with a less than stellar reputation. Selected by our in house artist, we can assure you that these are the finest art supplies available for every price point, all offered for an incredible discount.

Choosing the Right Medium:
• Oils: A classic medium, the use of oil painting supplies spans centuries of art. They are versatile in that you can easily mix colors, and when mixed with a thinning solvent they can be translucent or opaque for an outstanding effect. Oils also dry slowly, giving the artist a chance to rework sections and rectify mistakes.
• Acrylics: A more modern medium, acrylic painting supplies are prized for their vibrant, brilliant shades of color. Acrylics dry quickly, so it may be difficult to atone for mistakes. However, this eliminates the wait before another layer is added, and their waterproof formula will not be disturbed with paint added on top. They are also a more flexible medium, so they are unlikely to crack.
• Casein: This is one of the most durable painting materials available. Casein cave paintings have actually been discovered by archaeologists. With a brilliant color and perfect matte finish, Casein is the premier choice for art reproductions. They are excellent for non-traditional art surfaces.
• Watercolor: Although everyone is familiar with this medium, it is one of the more difficult media to control. Once you develop technique with watercolor it can create beautiful images. However, it is unforgiving to error, so the artist must be comfortable with flexibility.

The best way to decide which paint medium you prefer is to experiment. Should you need more help choosing painting supplies, please do not hesitate to call our friendly customer service representatives.
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