Personal Assistants: The Mind of a Leader 1 (Enhanced DVD)

Personal Assistants: The Mind of a Leader 1 (Enhanced DVD)
Use Machiavellian wisdom to choose the perfect personal assistant.
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Product Description:
Machiavelli is a well-known contributor to the Renaissance period. His writings have been extensively studied by historians, politicians, diplomats and philosophers. Countless innovators have followed his guidance to gain success, despite some negative connotations which follow his name. His thought-provoking ideas are timeless, embodying the past, present and future. Machiavelli’s best known work, The Prince, is a notorious book outlining the qualities rulers should promote and embody. This program covers, chapter 22 which discusses choosing the right personal aide or assistant—someone committed to working in your best interest and representing you well. Machiavelli wrote, “The choice of servants is very important to a prince… the first opinion of a prince, and of his wisdom, is by observing the men [women] around him.” This requires intelligence, loyalty and working independently. In addition, the program features insight from Michael Dukakis, Tony Visconti, Steven Hilton and Philip Kotler.

Personal Assistants: The Mind of a Leader 1
  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-213-2
  • Run Time: 28 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
  • CC

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