Toxic Labels: The Dark Side of Outsourcing (Enhanced DVD)

Toxic Labels: The Dark Side of Outsourcing (Enhanced DVD)
Find out the dangers and abuses that lie behind the production of inexpensive clothing in Bangladesh
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Product Description:
Fashion is an enormous industry with prices ranging from single digits to four or even five digits. Most westerners admire expensive fashion from afar and seek to reproduce what we see with inexpensive alternatives. In fact, we have grown accustomed to finding low-cost clothing at outlet stores, big box stores and via discounted sales. What we do not see is the consequences that producing clothing brings to societies clear across the world. It is in places like Bangladesh where there is "legal" child labor and forced work situations. Both are forms of slavery, robbing people of health, security and dignity. This program investigates the "sweatshops" in Bangladesh and exposes the truth behind clothing manufactured there. Subjects include the health risks of sand blasting jeans and the violation of child labor laws. The program features a company called Inditex, giving them the opportunity to explain. See what happens with journalists confront companies head-on by posing as workers to get inside. See and hear about the dire situation many factory workers face.

Enhanced DVD
ISBN: 978-1-61753-957-2
Run Time: 56 Minutes
Copyright Date: 2012
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