Factors Affecting Global Tourism (Enhanced DVD)

Factors Affecting Global Tourism (Enhanced DVD)
This is an educational DVD about the multiple factors that affect the worldwide patterns of human travel.
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Product Description:
People spend billions of dollars each year on travel. The industry employs many workers in various countries. For anyone interested in how to predict just where the latest travel trends will lead tourists, this is the DVD for them. Using sophisticated, yet comprehensible, formulas, this film demonstrates how one can locate the places that will draw consumers to them in their travels. As such, it is highly recommended that anyone who wants to work in the travel field should take a look at this film.

Viewers learn about the "global forces taxonomy." This concept seeks to explain the factors that affect the flow of international travel. For example, political upheaval in one country can cause a decrease in tourists in its region; meanwhile, other areas will witness a simultaneous increase in visitors. Travel industry professionals have to learn how a wide range of issues drive the market in one direction or the other. Geographical, environmental, and climatic forces are the main causes of travel patterns, the film contends.

The evidence that supports the above claims comes through interviews of travel industry experts. These specialists are persuasive in their contentions that understanding the global forces taxonomy can help professionals make informed decisions about how best to attract tourists.

Factors Affecting Global Tourism Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-724-2
  • Run Time: 20 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2013
  • CC

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