Dicing with Debt: Ireland's 30-Billion-Euro Nightmare (Enhanced DVD)

Dicing with Debt: Ireland's 30-Billion-Euro Nightmare (Enhanced DVD)
Investigates Ireland's near default during the European financial crisis to uncover the reasons behind the risk that befell the nation. 
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Product Description:
The extremity of Europe’s debt crisis culminated in the defaults of Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland. The Northern island nation took a brutal hit in response to European Union participation. The unified currency, and devaluation of Ireland’s financial market generated ruinous circumstances that nearly turned into the Country’s undoing. Deception laid behind Dublin’s bright façade. The mortgage crisis was now on both sides of the Atlantic. Real estate devaluation costing Irish investors billions.

With unemployment rising across the nation, Ireland’s workers took to the streets. The program explores the policies and political events leading up to Ireland’s debt crises. The Irish government’s response, it was said, too late and short on cash due to its involvement in private sector bank debt. Now obligated to bailout banks at the bequest of bondholders, the government became the sole solution to billions of euros put at risk. The film also compares Ireland other European Commission member debt crises, offering insight into public consensus and government legislative reform of financial institutions.

Dicing with Debt: Ireland's 30-Billion-Euro Nightmare
  • DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-62290-719-9
  • Run Time (45 Minutes)
  • Copyright 2012
  • Closed Captioned (CC)

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