Zeitgeist: Moving Forward—The Economic Hit Man (Enhanced DVD)

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward—The Economic Hit Man (Enhanced DVD)
Depicts the life of John Perkins, a high paid economic hit man (EHM), hired to craft NGO investment diplomacy. 
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Product Description:
The documentary sketch of John Perkin’s tell all story, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, covers his story as consultant working for Chas T. Main; a private firm working in close collaboration with the U.S. federal National Security Agency (NSA).

Perkins was charged with the role of consulting leadership in developing countries. His objective:  coordination of major loans from USAID and the World Bank with that of foreign direct investors eager to take advantage of resource rich, developing markets.

The film shows how nation-states are effectively “taken over” through the control of transactional relationships in service of developed countries and their foreign policy agendas. The result: transfer of liquidity to private wealthy patrons and their existing holdings in NGO contexts.    

The program reports on how development projects promote widespread corruption of economies from the inside out. From rigged elections to extortion, payola, fraudulent reporting, prostitution, and killing, the empire of greed once hidden behind the guise of NGO development is revealed.

Perkins also looks at G8 benefits from these projects in the form of continued subsidies. Destabilizing impacts of international investment in poor countries such as debt sustainability management with the restructuring and privatization of public services such as education, health, public utility services, and other economic benefits that would otherwise be afforded citizens.

Part of Zeitgeist: The Series, this installment offers critical insight into the politics and public-private dynamics to NGO development in economically unstable countries.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward—The Economic Hit Man
  • DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-61753-737-0
  • Run Time (50 Minutes)
  • Copyright 2010
  • Closed Captioned (CC)

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