CAMFED: Zambia (Enhanced DVD)

CAMFED: Zambia (Enhanced DVD)
Most take for granted how life threatening it is because of your poverty and your gender.  Learning about the sturggles of the young females in Zambia, Africa will make you weep.  Hearing of the gift of life and hope being fed into Zambia, Africa humbles the heart and inspires people everywhere to give and help.  Learn more about this incredible program and ways to get involved.
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Camfed is an organization that began work in Zambia in the early 1990s to help young African girls get a paid education complete with books, fees and uniforms.  The mission of Camfed, an international non-profit organization is to break the poverty choke hold.  Young girls have a real chance to earn an education and create businesses in their communities to help develop and possibly thrive.  Zambia is faced with many struggles:

  • Ranked 13th out of 15 countries for literacy
  • 27 percent of girls have no education
  • High rates of pregnancy, early marriage, poverty and no way out

Camfed is gaining more and more supporters.  They were recently recognized for their effective use of cutting edge technology and evaluation of data.  Camfed puts value on these African girls who are often first to be denided education.  This program not only gives girls an education but reminds them that they matter and that they have a real contribution to make to the world and their country if just given the opportunity.  Check out the Camfed: Zambia DVD and discover the incredible program created to give a second chance in a country and on lives that matter.

CAMFED: Zambia

Enhanced DVD


23 minutes

Copyright date: 2010

Closed Captioned

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