Area Studies DVDs

These Area Studies DVDs cover a diverse range of issues in the area of global politics including such topics as tragedies happening in African countries like Darfur, the re-arming of Japan, the results of political turmoil or war, changes in China, the government of Iran, and genocide as reported by the survivors of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.

The documentary films in this collection, take an in-depth look at the subjects they cover. World-famous documentary film companies like ABC, CNBC, and the BBC produced them, as well as award-winning independent filmmakers. Difficult subjects, which are about things that are taboo in other cultures, are investigated in some of these films. This includes topics such as the long-standing tradition of Zombies in Haiti, serial killers in Juarez Mexico, global human trafficking, and children raped in El Salvador.

Some of these documentary films give hope for a better future like the enabling of girl power in Afghanistan after Taliban oppression, women struggling for equality in Saudi Arabia, and the Arab spring, which was the uprising in many countries of a pro-democracy movement in the Middle East.

There are also journeys to many places in the world, including the beautiful islands of Australia, and John Dimbleby’s multi-part series where he visits South America or another where he visits Africa and reports on the changes he noticed after many decades. The population explosion is explored with investigative reporting on the slums in Brazil and India with its mega cities. Immigration to Australia is covered by looking at the effects on the indigenous people in a seven-part series on the first Australians and a three-part series on how Australia turned into an immigration nation.

These DVDs make an excellent addition to any library's collection.

These DVDs contain extremely high-quality content covering stories of global significance that are useful to educators, academics, researchers, other filmmakers, and are for viewing by the general public. Public performance rights are included.

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