South Africa: Lunchbox Bullies (Enhanced DVD)

South Africa: Lunchbox Bullies (Enhanced DVD)
Bullying is pervasive in almost all cultures in the world. This enhanced DVD shows what happens with lunchbox bullies in South Africa.
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Product Description:

Children of nations, who have experienced turmoil in their lives, are not well balanced or adjusted to social settings with other children. They act out, sometimes very violently, and a clear example of this is the bullies in South African schools. The bullies (mostly boys) do not have the means to care for themselves. Sometimes they lack parents, who were killed in the race wars. Other timesm they simply copy the violent behaviors they saw as they were growing up.

At lunchtime, the differences between the boys becomes readily apparent. Boys who are physically stronger, but lack a lunch, attack the others for food. This is not so much about domination as it is about hunger. The school programs in South Africa are forced to deal with this problem of students attacking each other for food during lunchtime. The professors and school administrators really do not have a choice in the matter, because when left alone, the school lunch bullies run rampant. Therefore, they have to deal with this problem.

This enhanced DVD explores the pervasive problem of school lunch bullies in South Africa and offers some solutions for all to consider. With enough money, hunger may be eliminated. Nevertheless, emotional trauma is harder to remove. This is the important question for the problem of school lunch bullies in South Africa. These damaged children take out their aggression on other children who are weaker than they are. The school lunch bullies are not necessarily evil, just hungry and damaged by what happened in their lives.

South Africa: Lunchbox Bullies

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-164-4
  • Run Time: 48 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2009
  • CC
  • Public performance rights included

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