Maostalgia: China—Triumph and Turmoil (Enhanced DVD)

Maostalgia: China—Triumph and Turmoil (Enhanced DVD)
This program, one in a series entitiled China: Triumph and Turmoil, examines the effect Mao Zedong continues to have on China, with their Communist government yet strongly capitalist economy. 
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The People's Republic of China has a thriving capitalist economy. Their government and society, however, remain as Communist as they were during Mao Zedong's regime that rose to power after the Communist Revolution. This program focuses on the reverence Chairman Mao still garners, despite the fear and intimidation that marked his time as Chairman. He is widely popular in today's China, even though he committed genocide of his own people at the level of Hitler and Stalin. Propaganda still runs rampant in China and many Chinese still hold the party line. Reenactments of historical events change the outcome in favor of the Red Army.  Mao's Great Leap Forward, which ultimately led to the deaths of millions of Chinese is seemingly ignored in the country which considers him the Father of Modern China. Interviews with Chinese citizens paint a picture of a kind, gentle leader who loved children and created a new, better China. When he came to power the country was in chaos, its people starving and its economy shattered. Mao's aim was to reinvent the country by creating the Communist utopia of communal living, providing for everyone. He used the poor in the country to form his support base as he swept in and created a system of government control through fear, intimidation, and public executions. This documentary chronicles Chairman Mao's rise to power, brutal regime, and how his impact is still widespread in this rising world power, as well as how his propaganda tactics are still being employed throughout the country to this day.  (47 minutes)

Item#: BVL52444

ISBN: 978-1-61753-276-4

Producer: BBC History

Copyright date: ©2012

 Closed Captioned

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