The Turkish Perspective: Should Turkey Be Admitted to the European Union? (Enhanced DVD)

The Turkish Perspective: Should Turkey Be Admitted to the European Union? (Enhanced DVD)
From the Crusades to the present day, this 42 minute program provides examines the role of Turkey throughout history and what the future holds for this Muslim country. For centuries, Europe has held Turkey at arm's length and even today is reluctant to admit this nation into the European Union. As growing fears of Islamic Fundamentalism sweeps across the globe, some regard Turkey's inclusion into the E.U. To be a threat to Western society while others disagree. Learn about the various perspectives on the matter from journalist Tuncay Akgün, Armenian representative Luiz Bakar, Jean-François Perouse from the Institute of Anatolian Studies and MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit who contends that bringing Turkey into the E.U. Would serve as proof that the Muslim world and Western society can live together in peace.
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Turkey is a country rooted in an intricate and often complex history, from the Crusades to the legacy of Atatürk, and even today many European nations have reservations about admitting this largely Muslim country into the European Union. This engaging 42 minute program takes a close look Turkey's role on the world stage over the centuries as a variety of perspectives are explored. Develop a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that continue to drive Europe's suspicions of this nation in the face of today's radical Islamic movements. Featuring commentary from Jean-François Perouse of the Institute for Anatolian Studies, Armenian representative Luiz Bakar, journalist Tuncay Akgün and MEP Daniel Cohn-Bendit, viewers are invited to gain new Insights on this country in transition.

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