Sierra Leone: Soldiers of Fortune (Enhanced DVD)

Sierra Leone: Soldiers of Fortune (Enhanced DVD)
An in-depth look into blood diamond fueled conflict in the African country of Sierra Leone and the mercenaries fighting in it. This film is suitable for academic and casual viewing, although some portions may be objectionable to sensitive viewers.
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Product Description:

Opens inside a Russian helicopter flown by a South African mercenary. The helicopter is shooting at the ground and it is unclear whether the people below are civilians or combatants. This is the central theme of the film and what the viewer is most likely to gain: a sense of uncertainty. The mercenaries will say that their orders are to subdue the RUF rebels, but it is clear that the true goal the mercenaries (likely backed by a British company) is control of the diamond mines. These mines have fueled war in Sierra Leone for years, producing "conflict" or "blood" diamonds consumed is mass quantities in Asia and the West. All UN and other first world peacekeeping attempts have failed in Sierra Leone. It is possible that the viewer will come away with the conclusion that mercenaries may be the only recourse for the war-ravaged country of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone: Soldiers of Fortune 
Enhanced DVD

  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-998-8
  • Run Time: 33 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2000
  • Closed Captioned 

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