SuperPower: China—Triumph and Turmoil (Enhanced DVD)

SuperPower: China—Triumph and Turmoil (Enhanced DVD)
A BBC series, In Superpower China, historian Niall Ferguson talks to its billionaires, survivors of Chairman Mao’s regime, passionate nationalists and defenders of China’s rural poor.
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What and who does present day China represent? China's with its Imperial dynastic rule over 2,000 years has survived invasions and inner turmoil under Mao to emerge as one of the world's superpowers. Chinese money has funded financial enterprises all over the world and has become an ally of many nations seeking to end the "war on terror." The country's support of other nations in their fight against terror has become a flagship enterprise.  However, Chinese banks have not received their collateral back, revealing the weakness of their efforts to expand their holdings. Moreover, the country's record on human rights abuses has always been a sore issue as famously documented by the standoff in Tiananmen Square. The revolt proved to be a pivotal point in the nation's history with Communist party chiefs removed from their positions. China's meteoric rise in geopolitics has been bolstered by their business acumen in gaining lucrative oil contracts from the world.  What is left out of the series is the policies of China which have yet to undergo reform. Chief amongst them is the country's brutal annexation of Tibet in the past century. Despite diplomatic efforts by many western nations to return Tibet back to its originals owners, China has stood firm in its position that Tibet was always a part of China. Perhaps their openness to human rights issues will prevail over past expansionist goals. Most nations, at least those who wish to prosper have alligned themselves with this strategy for growth and development. 

SuperPower: China—Triumph and Turmoil(Enhanced DVD) 
ISBN: 978-1-61753-277-1
Run Time: 50 Minutes
Copyright Date: 2012

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