Bye Bye Havana (Enhanced DVD)

Bye Bye Havana (Enhanced DVD)
A generation after the Berlin Wall fell; the people of Cuba are still feeling the economic structures against them by the United States.  Find out what that effect has had on the spirit of the Cuban people in this incredibly filmed documentary.
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After five decades of political isolation and economic sanctions, the tiny island of Cuba bears the brunt of the left over Cold War battle between the United States and the Soviet Union.  Located a scant 90-miles from the Florida Keys, Cuba is a complex land that leaves people wondering whether Havana is the result of a failed political experiment, or  rather the last, battered bastioned standing in the way of unfettered capitalism.  This documentary eschews the typical top-down model of political discourse, and attempts to answer that question from the perspective of Havana’s vibrant street life that draws more than a million tourists a year to the storied white sands of her beached.  Set to the powerful music of X Alfonso, Latin Grammy nominee, this video explores the spot where Fidel Castro’s idealism meets the realities of consumerism in a city beset by infrastructure decay.  Throughout the film, the indomitable spirit if the Cuban people is on full display for the viewer.

Bye Bye Havana (Enhanced DVD)

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-131-6
  • Run Time: 58 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2005
  • CC

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Amazing stream of consciousness documentary
April 05, 2020

what's even more amazing is that this shop changed the cover, reproduces the DVD without paying the filmmaker a cent. Can't blame Fidel Castro for having been a thief and a crook when he learned his tricks from the Empire.
one of the best Cuba documentaries in decades
February 24, 2017

the film is an excellent document of an island held hostage by a political crime family - Cuba has never been less sovereign than under the harsh rule of Castro's military dictatorship. Canada and the US have been feeding the island before, during and after the so-called revolution, don;t take my word for it. Excellent soundtrack makes the sobering images go down a bit easier.

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