Revolution Hijacked: Post-Mubarak Egypt (Enhanced DVD)

Revolution Hijacked: Post-Mubarak Egypt (Enhanced DVD)
Revolution Hijacked: Post Mubarak Egypt (Enhanced DVD) takes a look at the aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring, and the downfall of the Mubarak regieme in the country he led for so many years after of killing of Awar Sadat.  Unfortunately, what everyone thought would be a peaceful transition of power was anything but.  Chaos and bloodshed have reigned since 2011, with frequent and violent clashes between Coptic Christians and Muslims in their own struggle for power.
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The so-called Arab Spring marked the beginning of the story retold in Revolution Hijacked: Post Mubarak Egypt (Enhanced DVD), a story so strong that it continues to be fought in the streets across this storied land.  With the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, so many anticipated a peaceful transition to power for a majority, but instead what carried the torch was chaos and bloodshed that continues to this day.  This film is a critical analysis of the events post-Mubarak, with military tribunals, human rights violations, and so much more.

Revolution Hijacked: Post Mubarak Egypt

*  Enhanced DVD

*  ISBN: 978-1-62290-218-7

*  Run Time: 27 minutes

*  Copyright Date: 2011

*  CC

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