Sun and Wind but No Water: China on China (Enhanced DVD)

Sun and Wind but No Water: China on China (Enhanced DVD)
China's expansion has been phenomenal. Energy needs will be supplanted by wind and solar power, but what China lacks is water.
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The documentary film, Sun and Wind but No Water: China on China (Enhanced DVD) tells the real story of China. China has one fifth of the world's total population, and in the last decade has seen extraordinary economic growth. Take a look at any product arriving on the shelves of other developed nations, and in the fine print, it says, "Made in China."

China is now the manufacturing facility for the entire world. They gained this position by being the global location for the lowest cost labor. Nevertheless, they gained this position also at a great cost. This documentary film show that China suffers now from a lack of clean water. The industrial expansion, without any adequate controls has made China the most polluted country in the world,

This film shows how China is making great advances in collecting energy for the Sun and from wind power and yet also shows the devastation from pollution, which results in 86% of the water in China to be unusable. Farmers in China now know this, and the products sent for export are seriously contaminated.

The Chinese government's response was to publicly execute the head of the administration of the health authority, as if killing one man could change a corrupt system. This video warns all that the Chinese government knows already how to deal with the lack of power to run industries but has not a care at all for any humane concerns.

Solar and wind power will support Chinese economic expansion and this documentary proves this is possible. Just ask yourself, if this is what the world really wants and explore these questions in this documentary film.

Sun and Wind but No Water: China on China

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-815-7
  • Run Time: 29 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012
  • CC

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