1966 Congo: Victim of Independence (Enhanced DVD)

1966 Congo: Victim of Independence (Enhanced DVD)
This gripping documentary takes viewers deep into one of the world's most volatile independent countries. 
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Product Description:

This enhanced DVD was once an NBC documentary that addresses the poverty, economic collapse and civil wars associated with nations gaining their independence. Many times, there is an epic leadership void which leads to fragmentation among the citizens. This is exactly what happened to Congo in 1960, after winning independence from Belgium.

Unrest between native Africans and Belgium descendants turned to violence less than one week after the country was declared independent. This led to the Stanleyville Massacre where dozens of European and American hostages were murdered. The unrest in the Congo led to foreign intervention as the US and Soviet Unions backed different factions. The cold war tension, racial conflict and struggling government are common issues in developing nations. This DVD shows the world how independent countries still need assistance to establish a working infrastructure. A similar situation occurred in Haiti when their country gained independence from France. Ignorance breeds apathy, but this film sheds a much needed light on a global problem. 

1966 Congo: Victim of Independence 

(Enhanced DVD)

ISBN: 978-1-81609-024-2

Run Time: 40 Minutes

Copyright Date: 1966

No Closed Caption 

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