Angola's Landmines: The Seeds of the Devil (Enhanced DVD)

Angola's Landmines: The Seeds of the Devil (Enhanced DVD)
Angola is a country in Africa that was plagued by war from 1961, when it began its war for independence from Portugal, to 2002, which was the end of the Angolan Civil War.  The Angolan Civil War left the countryside riddled with explosive and volatile landmines, which prevent its people from farming the land and traveling safely.
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In Angola, millions of landmines remain buried underground after 27 years of war and unrest.  These landmines are placed near villages and roadways, which is especially devastating as the country tries to rebuild, farm and harvest crops for food, and travel safely.  In particular, children have been maimed, injured, and killed by these landmines.

A peace time army of mine clearers works to clear the mines, which is without question a dangerous and harrowing job.  Meanwhile, this documentary examines the lives of two particular children who were victims of landmines, and uses an interview format to examine the lasting effects of the landmines, the rebuilding efforts in Angola, and a legacy of fighting and violence.  

Angola's Landmines: The Seeds of the Devil 

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-996-4
  • Run Time: 52 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 1998
  • CC

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