Key Groups in Ancient China (Enhanced DVD)

Key Groups in Ancient China (Enhanced DVD)
Learn more about key groups in ancient China by viewing this enhanced DVD entitled "Key Groups in Ancient China", which shows how the rulers of China controlled vast territories and how the Emperor was able to appear as god-like to the humble peasants.
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In the Key Groups in Ancient China (Enhanced DVD), it is shown that the Emperor of China rarely left the palace and when he did, this was a monumental event with many carriages of similar construction and colors to form a massive entourage, and yet only one of them contained the real Emperor of China.

The country of China in those times as well as in modern times is vast. There is a tremendous difference between the peoples of the disparate areas of China from the Mongols to the northeast to the Cantonese of the southeast. In ancient China, the rule was by class and clan. Everyone was subservient to the Emperor, who ruled not only by force of arms, but also by cunning and the ability to create allegiances with the warlords who actually governed the separate territories.

Rule of China, while symbolically was held in the hands of the Emperor was in actuality a rule of key groups. Without the cooperation of the warlords and their followers from the key groups, there was no possibility of any rule of China. The wise Emperor was fully aware of this so he spent much of his time entertaining the warlords with the intent to gain their cooperation in the governance of China.

This strategy was very successful and this DVD explores the complex relationships between all the key groups in ancient China. This is a history without precedence and of interest to anyone who wishes to know about world-changing cultures and how they affect modern life.

Key Groups in Ancient China

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81609-111-9
  • Run Time: 18 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2013
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