Shifting Sands: The Saudi Story (Enhanced DVD)

Shifting Sands: The Saudi Story (Enhanced DVD)
A BBC news correspondent explores the state of affairs today in Saudi Arabia with some starling conclusions.
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There are very few monarchies remaining in the world. Where monarchy remains, in most cases like the UK or Thailand the monarchy is symbolic. The Queen of England is revered and treated as a special person, who passes down the regal influence to the generations of her children, BUT she has no direct political influence. Political power in England is now reserved for Parliament as led by UK's Prime Minister. This is similar to Thailand. The Thai people love their king, for good reasons. The King of Thailand is benevolent, kind, just, and the epitome of a ruler who loves his people.

Nevertheless, this DVD examines the rule of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the conclusion is very different. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is different because like some Beverly Hillbillies they found oil under the sands. OK. The world loves oil and a big reserve of oil was found in the desert of Saudi Arabia, which brought the leader of a nomadic desert clan into world prominence.

The Wahhabi clan controlled this area of arid desert that no one else wanted prior to the discovery of oil. Everything changed after the discovery of oil. The regime promoted by the Saudi Arabian King and his family is for continued rule. However, the people of Saudi Arabia disagree. They want a more democratic government and want to participate in major decisions and to advance agendas according to the interests of the people who live there, not only the agenda of the elite royal family members.

Lessons learned by review of this historical DVD in light of the revolution for freedom that is now occurring in the Middle East. See for yourself how the shifting sands of Saudi Arabia now how changed everything for everyone.

Shifting Sands: The Saudi Story

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81609-008-2
  • Run Time: 50 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2013
  • CC

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