The Road to Mandalay: Assessing the Myanmar Reforms (Enhanced DVD)

The Road to Mandalay: Assessing the Myanmar Reforms (Enhanced DVD)
This documentary film explores the major reforms occurring in Myanmar.
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The country was named “Burma” by the British colonials. Now it is called Myanmar by the people who live there. For decades, this country has been suffering under a brutal military rule. Free elections were held and the populace elected Aung San Suu Kyi, also known as “the Lady,” but instead of allowing her to take her position as the duly elected leader of the country, the military junta put her under house arrest.

Many protests emerged, and even Buddhist monks took up the challenge to protest against the government. Things had to change and this documentary film explores how reforms have been made. Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest. Travel restrictions have decreased. Tourism is now encouraged with a popular tourist activity being ballooning over the beautiful temple sites. The people of Myanmar are still stuck in abject poverty, but reforms that were previously impossible to imagine are taking place.

China is the biggest supporter of the country of Myanmar and provides aid and assistance. Western sanctions have been lifted. The military rule, which was once feared, is now calmer. Political prisoners have been let out of jail and allowed to run for election to public office. The changes occurring are real and the country seems to be moving in a more positive direction.

This documentary film was produced for the Australian Broadcast Network and shows the travels of a female reporter across Myanmar and her interviews of top government officials. The reporter had unprecedented access and no travel restrictions, which is amazing. Making this documentary would not have been possible a short time ago.

This film is an intimate look at Myanmar, a country in transition from rule of a vicious military dictatorship to a more enlightened democratic society.

The Road to Mandalay: Assessing the Myanmar Reforms

·  Enhanced DVD

·  ISBN: 978-1-62290-227-9

·  Run Time: 28 Minutes

·  Copyright Date: 2012

·  CC

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