Biology DVDs

Explore the fascinating world of biology with these programs on DVD that cover a diverse range of topics including how cells work, the discovery of genes, the advancements in stems cells and genetic manipulations, how the food we eat affects our genes, how the human body works and what causes twins. There are explanations of how mutations affect natural selection and how sexual or asexual reproduction influence natural selection. The secret life of plants is explored and a medical doctor teaches how to avoid dying young. These topics and more are gathered here in this biology DVD collection.

Teachers, students, researchers, and interested viewers of all kinds will find these DVD documentary films (most of them in the enhanced DVD format) wonderful for learning more about biology, from the tiniest level of the microscopic world to the largest level of plants, animals, and human beings as they interrelate in the complex and wonderful biodiversity of the Earth.

This collection of enhanced DVDs on the subject of Biology is suitable for private-viewing or instructional purposes. Public performance rights are included.

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