Ever Wondered? The Cutting Edge of Science and Technology (Series 2 - 10-part series - Enhanced DVD)

Ever Wondered? The Cutting Edge of Science and Technology (Series 2 - 10-part series - Enhanced DVD)
This is the entire ten-part series 2 with each program being twenty-two minutes long. Topics covered include forensic science, mysteries of the deep, virtual worlds and a whole lot more.
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Product Description:

This ten-part series explores topics we wonder about and explains how science continues to affect our daily lives. Here is a summary of the topics covered and what this says about our modern world:

  1. The Treatment of Alzheimer's and Stroke - Brian injury and impairment may happen over time as occurs with the development of Alzheimer's or the impairment happens in an instant, which is what a person experiences when they have a stroke.
  2. How a Virtual World Changes the Real World - Virtual worlds create useful models of the real world, which are easier to understand and assimilate.
  3. The Good Fight Against Cancer - This episode shows the advancement in cancer treatments including, radiology, chemotherapy, surgery, and the use of prodrugs that target cancer cells, leaving healthy cells intact.
  4. Science Probes the Deep Mysteries of the Ocean - Visit the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean.
  5. Advances in Gene Science - Is it possible to eliminate genetic mutations that cause disease?
  6. The Impact of Scientific Research on Droughts and Floods - Weather management is enhanced with the help of advance warning systems.
  7. Bees Teach Scientists - Communal "hive" behavior teaches scientists new methods for communication.
  8. Doing Math in a More Scientific Way - Multidimensional mathematics explores things beyond imagination.
  9. Scientists are Crime-Fighters - The application of new scientific methods for forensic investigations.
  10. Industrial Chemistry Goes Green - Chemistry is helping to reduce environmental pollution.

Ever Wondered? The Cutting Edge of Science and Technology (Series 2)

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-781-3
  • Run Time: 220 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2012
  • CC

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