Down: To Boldly Go (Enhanced DVD)

Down: To Boldly Go (Enhanced DVD)
Down: To Boldly Go follows Kevin Fong as explores different ways to preserve your life if you're ever trapped beneath the water's surface. 
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As the population of mankind climbs towards 8 billion, the lack of land upon which we can live becomes ever more noticeable. This is because 3/4 of the earth's surface is covered by water and we can only survive beneath the surf for as long as we can hold a single breath. Fortunately, there are ways to increase the duration of that single breath, and Kevin Fong (doctor of extreme medicine) covers ways to do just that in this enhanced DVD. Fong even intentionally afflicts himself with the rapture of the deep which also known as nitrogen narcosis. This is a condition which effects scuba divers. The air tanks which the divers use typically contain a small amount of oxygen, just like the earth's atmosphere. Sometimes, the oxygen levels in the tank fall until only the nitrogen is left. Nitrogen is also known as laughing gas, and its effects are only dangerous to divers, because it increases the odds of them drowning. Fortunately, this BBC production addresses what to do if stricken by nitrogen narcosis, and many other worst case scenarios which divers may face. 

Down: To Boldly Go
Enhanced DVD
ISBN: 978-1-61753-418-8
Run Time: 60 Minutes
Copyright Date: 2012

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