Epigenetics: How Food Upsets Our Genes (DVD)

Epigenetics: How Food Upsets Our Genes (DVD)
Epigenetics is the study of the effects of food on human genetics. Through a series of case studies this documentary examines the effects that food and famine has on changes in the human body. 
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Epigenetics is the study of the effects of food on human genetics. This program examines epigenetic findings in a variety of settings.Through case studies and examples filmmakers attempt to demonstrate that food does, indeed, affect physical appearance and development. Identical twins are an interesting case study in epigenetics. Given different eating patterns and food choices, even though their genetic material is identical, twins take on distinguishable physical differences. In addition to exploring epigenetics of twins this program also examines the basics of genetics, chromosomes, and the development of human genetic materials. It then goes on to look at instances where food choices cause genes to "turn on and off", thus the differences in identical twins. This is called DNA methylation. Several cases of widespread famine and the effects of the famine on pregnant women and their babies are also explored, as is the cases of entire cultures being more resistant to diseases based on their diet. Overall, the topic of epigenetics is thoroughly explored and then viewers are called to action. Unlike true genetic markers, epigenetics depends heavily on the choices that we, as humans, make. Change your choices, change the epigenetics in your body. (43 minutes)

Length: 43 minutes

Item#: BVL40603

ISBN: 978-1-61616-136-1

Producer: German United Distributors

Copyright date: ©2008

 Closed Captioned

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