Stem Cells and Cellular Differentiation (Enhanced DVD)

Stem Cells and Cellular Differentiation (Enhanced DVD)
Stem cells are the foundation cells of the body and the study of them is at the forefront of the advancement in modern medicine for a number of ailments because they can be guided to replicate any needed cells of the body.
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Imagine a construction material that can make any part of a building when guided to do so. The metaphor is that this foundation material would be able to make concrete, glass, brick, electrical wiring, and any part of a very complex building construction project. This is one way to understand the beauty of stem cells and why they are so important.

Stem cells can be triggered to turn into cartilage, nerve tissue, muscle fiber, and to regulate immune system response mechanisms. Science is just barely starting to understand how to do these things. Each cell in the human body contains the entire genetic code for the entire body; however, the cells do not express all the code they contain in the same way. Cells differentiate to form cells of different types, depending on the need and what stimulus the cell receives to reproduce itself.

A stem cell is a neutral player in that is can become anything that makes up a part of the body. If the body needs a certain type of tissue, the stems cells turn into this. If there is a need for more brain cells, stem cells become brain cells. If more red blood cells are required, stem cells become them. This is an amazing dance of inter-connectedness that is fascinating to understand.

Advances in science show that regular fat cells harvested from individuals and then stimulated, can provide what is missing in the body of an ill adult. These are the person's own cells so there is no rejection possible and they have the magic ability to repair almost anything.

Stem Cells and Cellular Differentiation

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-998-7
  • Run Time: 21 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2014
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