Plant Biology: Core Concepts Video Clip Library (Enhanced DVD)

Plant Biology: Core Concepts Video Clip Library (Enhanced DVD)
With expertly done animation, this comprehensive video collections has a plentiful number of plant biology clips and videos! Specially designed with visual learners in mind, this collection clearly explains even the most complex an intricate of processes.
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Product Description:

 A versatile and well laid out teaching tool, this DVD collection is a great place to start the amazing exploration into plat biology.  Video segments include:  

• Classification of Plants - how plants are named, categorized, and identified 

• Plant Cells - the make up of the common plant cells

• Plant Tissues - the vital systems and parts of a plant's makeup

• Stems - how food, water, air, and other elements impact plant life

• Roots - see how roots work and how they are designed

• Leaves  - learn all the amazing things leaves can do

• Photosynthesis - get a better understanding of this important plant process

• Seeds and Germination - learn how seeds are formed, spread, and grow

• The Gymnosperms - see ways other types of plants reproduce without seeds

• Flowering Plants - get a better understanding of how flowers are produced and how they grow

• Plant Reproduction - learn the basics of how plants can reproduce

• Plant Hormones - what hormones mean for plants and how they impact plant functions

• Genetically Modified Plants - the pros and cons of this new plant phenomenon 

• Plant Nutrients - see what elements are necessary for proper plant growth

• Medicinal Plants - discover the amazing world of plants that can heal an treat dieaases

• Fungi/Mycorrhizae - take a look into the world of fungi

• Defenses of Plants - see just how well plants can defend themselves in some situations

• Much More!

Plant Biology: Core Concepts Video Clip Library

  • Enhanced DVD

  • ISBN: 978-1-61616-900-8

  • Run Time: 87 Minutes

  • Copyright Date: 2011

  • Closed Captioned 

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