Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Wonders of Life (Enhanced DVD)

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Wonders of Life (Enhanced DVD)
Professor Brian Cox continues his exploration of the wonders of life showing in this documentary films how the diversity of live on Earth seems to defy the laws of physics.
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The abundance and diversity of life on planet earth is astounding. It is close to being miraculous, because the balance of forces needed to create a hospitable planet are extremely rare and unusual in the universe. Earth needed to be just so far from the Sun, not so close to over-heat and yet not so far away to be icy cold either. Water needed to flow freely across the surface and not evaporate enough to completely disappear. The mixture of water and land mass needed to be balanced to protect the microclimates for abundant life to thrive.

Once life was established on Earth this started a massive explosion in diversity. This history is not without setbacks. There have been major extinctions in Earth's history, which wiped out almost all of the living creatures. Somehow, Mother Nature responded with more organic robustness to overcome all the challenges. Life on Earth exploded with many lifeforms having every kind of possible features and intricate designs.

Creatures on Earth live in the deepest darkest parts of the oceans, in the freezing temperatures of Antarctica, and the searing hot deserts. They fly, swim, and run across all lands in such a variety as to be an amazing spectacle. Professor Cox takes us on a journey to South Africa and Madagascar to show the incredible variety of living creatures on Earth. There are over 8 million species on Earth in total.

This enhanced DVD is a wonderful experience for those who embrace the natural world and enjoy seeing the bounty of Earth's sustenance for all creatures great and small.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Wonders of Life

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81609-275-8
  • Run Time: 52 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2013
  • CC

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