Discovering Animal Behavior Video Clip Collection (Enhanced DVD)

Discovering Animal Behavior Video Clip Collection (Enhanced DVD)
This is an amazing collection of 21 different video slips. This education DVD allows you to follow researchers as they work in the field and gives you a unique look into insect, bird, and animal behavior. Expertly and beautifully shot on location you will enjoy the exotic setting of the Iberian Peninsula, 
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Product Description:

These 21 video clips are broken down into separate episodes, and each episode is devoted to highlighting new discoveries about the animal world. Each clip averages around five minute and serves as a brief introduction to the topic. Video clips the DVD  include:

• Little Slavers: A looking into how some species of ants enslave ants of other species to do their work for them- how do they do it?

• Color Codes: Look into the world if birds and why color and plumage plays such a large part in the way mates are chosen.

 • Blue Eggs: It's been thought that the coloration of bird eggs serve to hide them, but then why do so many species lay blue eggs?

• Perfumed Don Juans: Discover how some reptiles use their natural pheromones as well as other tricks to attract their mates.

• Calling Cards: Mammals too can use pheromones to ward off intrusions by predators or others of their own species.

• Fertilization: Why some animal species look at the future more than the present when it comes to mating.

•  Kiss of Death: Why do some insect species kill the male after they finish mating?

Discover many more amazing secrets of the animal, bird, and insect worlds in this highly educational and beautifully shot documentary.

Discovering Animal Behavior Video Clip Collection

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-0-81608-949-9
  • Run Time: 111 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
  • Closed Captions
  • 21 Episode Clips
  • Educational 

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