Donít Die Young, Series 2: An Essential Guide to Your Essential Organs (8-part series - Enhanced DVD)

Donít Die Young, Series 2: An Essential Guide to Your Essential Organs (8-part series - Enhanced DVD)
This is an eight-part series about the essentials organs of the human body. Each episode is thirty minutes in length.
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This is the second series hosted by Dr. Alice Roberts. She is a skilled anatomist and a talented medical doctor with a fresh style and an easy-to-understand approach of how to explain parts of the human body.  These are the episodes in the series 2:

  1. The Male Reproductive Organs - A pig's testicle is dissected in the lab and used to explain testicular cancer to a man and why it is important to do self-examination for lumps. A groundbreaking prostate cancer operation is shown.
  2. The Female Reproductive Organs - A birth is shown. Dr. Roberts explains that a woman is born with about 700,000 eggs in her ovaries, which is all she will have for her entire life.
  3. The Liver - This episode shows a liver transplant.
  4. The Stomach and Intestines - Dr. Roberts explains the function of the stomach and intestines with the aid of a tiny camera inside a pill she swallows.
  5. Ear, Nose, and Throat - A diagram gives an interesting look at the intricate and delicate design of the human ear. This helps Dr. Roberts explain why loud noise does permanent damage to the ear, causing hearing loss. She talks about the relationship between smell and taste.
  6. The Immune System - Dr. Roberts explains how the immune system works and what the body does to heal itself when under attack by viruses or bacteria.
  7. The Bones, Muscles, and Joints - This shows the effect of arthritis and a slipped disk, noting that over half the pain reported to doctors by patients comes from injury or distress in the bones, muscles and joints.
  8. The Whole Body - The concluding episode of this series recommends for a long life, eat healthy foods and exercise to counter-balance the deterioration that comes from the process of aging.

Don’t Die Young, Series 2: An Essential Guide to Your Essential Organs

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-110-4
  • Run Time: 240 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2008
  • CC
  • Public performance right included

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