Dawn Chorus: The Secret Life of Birds (Enhanced DVD)

Dawn Chorus: The Secret Life of Birds (Enhanced DVD)
In the morning when the sun rises, the birds sing. People in cities who live amidst the cacophony of the city life do not hear this orchestra so easily, but people who live in the countryside, know this magnificent birdsong that starts each new day anew.
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Product Description:

Why do birds sing out? What causes a male bird to make fantastic displays of prowess to attract females? How do birds organize in flocks, flying in patterns so spectacular as to be almost unbelievable? These questions are explored by this BBC documentary film about the secret life of birds.

The truth about the secret life of birds is more startling. They do not spend their days enjoying the peaceful morning sun. Instead, they fight for survival every day. In winter, the chances of survival are seriously diminished. Then in springtime, they have to raise the next generation of chicks and protect them from others who wish to eat them.

This enhanced DVD shows what a bird's life is really like in Wales. Not so much fantasy, as this is reality and it is not an easy life that first appears. One of the reasons birds sing out in the morning sun, is because they are so happy to still be alive. There are plenty of predators that attack birds in the night and in the morning the males are the ones singing out. They are on the highest branches and they have survived!

So, it is no wonder they sing out, to say "I am here."  The males sing out the most strongly to attract a female for the future proliferation of the species. Oh yes, they sing out each day, and we notice their participation in the freedom of life, expressed by their unique singing at dawn in a magnificent chorus.

Dawn Chorus: The Secret Life of Birds

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-61753-849-0
  • Run Time: 29 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 2011
  • CC
  • Price Includes public performance rights

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