Anthropology DVDs

Our collection of anthropology DVDs not only teaches you about people and cultures that differ from your own, but you'll also be exposed to arts of other cultures. These videos allow you to meet new people and understand their traditions, struggles and dreams

We offer a collection of anthropology and archaeology DVDs which, among others, will enable you to learn about the culture of the Bushmen, consider how cooking sets us apart from other species and even discover how some cultures utilize witchcraft in their daily routines.

These DVDs offer insight into little-known cultures. You might discover something new about the indigenous peoples of Australia or nomadic tribes of Africa. You'll also be introduced to people who struggle to define their identity because of their culture and see how culture has changed for humans over time.

Whether you're studying anthropology or you simply want to learn about cultures that differ from your own, you have plenty of options.

Anthropology DVDs expose you to other cultures, including those that no longer exist and those that have assimilated with modern society.
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