Inside China—The Newest Revolution: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)

Inside China—The Newest Revolution: Disappearing World (Enhanced DVD)
Do you want to get a glimpse of what the average life of a Chinese person is like? Go pop some popcorn and find a comfortable spot to sit and relax, because you are about to take a trip to China from the comfort of your home.
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Product Description:

From the land’s history to the people which run it, China is unique.

China is the world's largest country with hundreds of thousands of stories involving its history.

This program reveals the country’s history, as well as it's current economy,  and even the going ons of modern day families' lives.  

You’ll learn how the culture of Chinese people are very strict about having and maintaining one child per peasant families by enforcing birth control. You will notice, in the video, how one woman rests in a bed under a poster, referring to their beliefs, after giving birth to a healthy baby girl. The DVD video also reveals that the people do love work to increase wealth for themselves and families. The Chinese believe wealth brings happiness. Watching this will also enlightened you on how some Chinese participate in daily exercise routines while others make sure produce and other materials are transported properly.

See also the huge national experiment that may demolish the communes in an effort to modernize the country.  You will also understand why things should be kept as is if it isn’t broken in the first place!

Inside China—The Newest Revolution: Disappearing World

  • Enhanced DVD
  • ISBN: 978-1-62290-557-7
  • Run Time: 50 Minutes
  • Copy Right Date: 1983
  • CC

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